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Unconventional Oil & Gas
Increasing demand, higher prices and supply concerns are the drivers behind unconventional asset development. Utilis Advisory Group has nearly a decade of experience in the unconventional sector.
Our Alberta Oil Sands capabilities include:
  • Tracking project development and production rates
  • Evaluating mining and in-situ economics, the impact of changing royalties, the price of crude oil, the availability of equipment, labor and financing on operations and project development
  • Identifying the advantages/disadvantages (relating to operating costs, water consumption, natural gas usage, steam-to-oil ratios) for SAGD and CSS techniques, as well as THAI and VAPEX technologies.
Our Shale Gas expertise includes:
  • Expert Witness work modeling shale gas cash flows, well economics (EUR), production decline rates, royalty streams and advising on lease terms in a matter before New York State Bankruptcy Court.    
  • Examining shale gas production technologies, drilling costs, environmental and regulatory issues, infrastructure availability (pipeline capacity) and key market participants in the Barnett, Haynesville and Marcellus shales.