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Expert Witness - Shale Gas
Members of the Utilis Advisory Group have worked with law firms acting as Expert Witnesses in energy-related litigation matters. This work includes:
  • Educating law firms on energy sector markets and dynamics
  • Identifying the energy-related merits/weaknesses of arguments
  • Developing winning strategic approaches on energy matters 
  • Rebutting opposing council’s expert witness
  • Deposition support services
  • Providing Expert Witness testimony

Recent Success
Our services were retained by a New York Law firm whose client was involved in a Haynesville Shale litigation matter before the Bankruptcy Court of the State of New YorkThe Utilis Advisory Group modeled various production scenarios for the assets in question, advised on acreage pooling, leasing agreements, signing bonuses, royalty payments and testified in Court regarding our findings. Our efforts and innovative valuation strategy prompted opposing counsel to offer a more favorable settlement resulting in additional millions of dollars for our client.